Hello pals ! I am Akshay .Iam the founder of www.Digitalaura.in . I am a civil engineer first (gamer too) , after completing  job in civil domain, i quit the job due to my health concerns.Then, one fine day i was surfing through the internet (The virtual world) i came  to know about digital marketing did lot of  research on it and i am now a passionate digital marketer.

I have experience of about 5 years . I am here illuminate the knowledge of digital marketing.Hence, i want to keep this post short and not bore you.

“If you want to be at good position in future , best option is Digital Marketing!”

what exactly is going in my life?

currently i’m going through hectic schedule with lots of work pending at my desk . I also started giving training for learners and  help them to make money.


Future is always unpredictable and  we can’t tell what is our fate, right now iam just trying my level best to share my wisdom to you all newbies to help understand digital marketing and its scope in near future.Developing and promoting my website to help all who needs this wisdom.

Thank you ! For reading all about me and my thoughts. I hope you found it genuine.



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