How to create a blog ?

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How to create a blog?

A blog can be created on website as a part of website and post some articles from your passion or your thoughts and it can be created on eblogger for free of cost no need to spend money on  eblogger it’s free service by it.But where as a website can cost you some bucks

Ok  now I will share how to create blog  with a domain name and other services please follow the steps

1) When starting your blog, there are several services to choose from (tumblr, blogger etc..).

one stands out from the pack is WordPress.It’s  for FREE, user friendly, and perfect for people who has never built a blog .

Why I Use & Recommend WordPress?

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgb How to create a blog ?

  • It’s FREE (you just need a web host & domain )
  • There are five thousand  free & paid WordPress themes available to make your design look in very good quality.
  • They have very good  helpful support forum.
  • It has over 45k+ free plugins to help your blog run more fast and efficiently.

Why you SHOULDN’T create a blog on a free service.

It’s true, you can create your blog free. But it’ll be very limited in performance, it’ll look shoddy , and the address will look like very puerile (e.g., which reduces your capability

There are some flaws in free paltforms that you should  know :

  1. No FLEXIBILTY – Your blog will be hosted on another website (e.g..  ). If you breach their terms of service (even by accident), they can shut down your blog.
  2. No Customization– You can’t use all the free plugins or themes. And  you can’t even use custom themes to really make your blog out standing..
  3. Other Drawbacks– Free space of only 3GB. For posts, images, and perhaps videos.

Hence, don’t create a free blog, especially if you’re serious to start a blog. Later switching to a better option from a free blogging platform can be time taking.


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