Is Blogging Dead ?

Is Blogging Dead Against Vlogging ?

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Will Blogging Die?

Do you think the question is valid? I do not agree with the question neither blogging is dead nor it will die. According to me, blogging is need of the hour in this cut throat competitive digital  market. Blogging is now the establishment itself to improve search ranking and engage new customers. In fact, each business has to start a blog on any social media platform to engage its audience. Blogging provides many benefits:

  • Express Yourself and Share Yours thoughts.
  • Make A Difference
  • Share Your Knowledge
  • Hones Your Writing Skills
  • Learn How To Make Money Online
  • Build Your Professional Network
  • Develop an Online Portfolio
  • Market Your Business

With the increasing trend of blogs, companies hire professional blog writers to write blogs on a frequent basis. Professional writers are preferred as they are trained for writing search engine friendly, fresh and creative blogs in order to engage and lure potential customers.

Some companies have  blog writers, while some do not have. Small and medium sized companies reach freelance blog writers to write blogs on a regular basis. All you need to do is describe your requirement and educate the writer from the industry related terms and conditions, and hence he/she will develop blogs as per the needs. Just have look at this stats from Google Trends

bloggin-vs-Vlogging Is Blogging Dead Against Vlogging ?
Blogging vs Vlogging

Is blogging being shunned  ?

As, you know that blogging is way to express yours thoughts and ideas through writing where you can reach the virtual people in any corner of the world

Blogging is art which can’t be taught unless and until you have blog and start implementing it and maintain it as ,it looks very intimidating to  start  for some folks it looks blogging as a  very intricate and where it  requires a bit of commitment and dedication ,blogging is just a way to express all your ideas and thoughts to the concerned audience or it can be considered as a hobby too!

As you must know blogs primarily consist of of words and images where one must have a skill of writing in very interesting way and put images as key to attract readers.

But the today’s generation want generation is going at much higher pace, wants “vlogging” to be future but one the other side being myself very lured to vlogging, but at the end I failed to embrace it and some Bloggers are not compatible to vlogging as the vlogging is very much different than blogging.

As, the young generation has started vblogging but blogging is ‘EVERGREEN’ and will continue to show it’s hegemony in the near future.

It’s just preposterous that how one can say it is ‘Dead’.

I contemplate that people are daunting with the enormous amount of information available. Think about it. Bloggers hit the ‘publish’ button 2 million times daily.
Another issue is the trend to write very long posts. Not everyone has time to spend 20 to 30 mins reading a article.

Blogging won’t  die, for the only reason that search volume for the term ‘blogging’ has been in decline.
Blogging has been transforming.
In another perspective vlogging has been emerging. Youtube traffic is in Surge!!


So , sit back and relax blogging is far from being ‘DEAD’.

Stay-calm-and-keep-blogging Is Blogging Dead Against Vlogging ?

Hope, it suffice the naysayers!

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