why google is the best search engine ?

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what is google?

If you tell it is a multinational technological company or a search engine organisation you are actually wrong. Google is a big virtual advertising company from mine’s point of view.

As it makes 80% revenue from advertising in virtual world which is called “internet” and 20% from it’s products and services .

How google makes money ?

Actually it makes money by selling you . Because about 80% of internet users use google as a search engine .It makes users as a product google to sell information regarding you to the advertisers.The data they sell is way more detailed than you think it is.

Everything you do in google is free and is stored in stored and analyzed to learn more about your behaviour in their’s search engine.Even email what you send or receive via Gmail is scanned for more keywords.

Google gets to know what you like, what you hate,what your activities are and what you do,what you buy.They can get daily routine on how regular you use their’s search engine  and their’s services,they know where you go which place you visit and everything.

They know your forward step what you are going to do actually it’s like stalking you wherever you go.

Their’s business model is to sell access to you based on this information to others.Not to government agencies or private investigators ,that’s some change like .The real money is selling access based on this data to people who want to sell you entity.

As by now, you might have got convinced, what actually is google and what does it do because you should be aware of all these things in this “virtual world”. so, it has got its own advantages and disadvantages, but you got to look on brighter side.

Hence, i conclude by saying that google is in top of all search engines right now. There might be some myths about why google is top search engine but , now you got know the fact, which is what i have mentioned above .

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  1. Great post. Great to know about interesting things about goggle. Earlier I just consider it as search engine. Thanks for sharing such a nice informative post.

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