How #hashtag was Born and evolved to be a Sensation ?

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 How Hashtag Came Into Existence ?


You, might be Wondering how a Petite character or symbol just Stormed the Virtual platform into a stellar sensation? Don’t you think it’s enigmatic!! . Considering this let’s take a deep dive how it emerged  and what it took a mundane character to emerge in to virtual space,the symbol or character which is found in ours PC, Mobile Phone and other electronic Gadgets. Even now, i still contemplate over it , how it just broke into virtual space and “Exploded and flooded”  the Social media ?

How Hashtags Evolved And Changed The Way We Communicate ?

The pound sign wasn’t  known as a hashtag, nor it was always used to group tweets or posts on Twitter.

But now that the symbol has been established as a hashtag, it’s changed the way we communicate, both online and in the real world.

Though it seems the hashtag is a more recent development, the metadata label was actually first used by the Internet Relay Chat in 1988, for purposes much like they’re used for today — to group messages, images, and other content. Around 20 years later, in August 2007, blogger Stowe Boyd is reckoned  to have been the first to officially call the symbol ‘hashtags’ in a blog post.

Less than two years after that, Twitter had adopted hashtags and anything with the pound symbol in front of it became hyperlinked and users could search Twitter for a hashtag and easily find and navigate through tweets that had used the tag.

Hashtag, in social media are used to group a set of posts under the same niche or topic of interests by tagging them with topic name or Niche keyword.

Now they are all over the social medias like facebook , Instagram, Tumbler, youtube, are other various social media sites .

Virtual content is rapidly increasing every second , everyone wants to be heard, Hashtag are primary source by through which we can communicate and Let yours Voice be heard in ‘BUZZED’ feed Of social medias.

Hashtag have become a Trending phenomena from Ordinary character or a symbol to make you stand out in the Buzzing Virtual Space.

You , Won’t believe me, what I had Seen on my Outing to Bangalore, Pune . There were Restaurants and Pubs named after Hashtags, this hit me with a ‘AWE’  .Just have Look at this image, what i witnessed on my itinerary.


Hashtag-Lounge-and-bar How #hashtag was Born and evolved to be a Sensation ?


“The colloquial hashtag has exploded  out of its use as a sorting tool and become a linguistic tumor – a tic more irritating than any banal link or lazy image meme,” wrote Sam Biddle in a Gizmodo article about how hashtags are spoiling the English language.

And while I can see and appreciate the value in hashtags, and understand how many have taken to using them in real life in a mocking sort of manner, I still think they’re better kept to online communications and their original function.

Because if I hear a college student say “hashtag: blessed” or “hashtag: first world problems,” it’ll be too soon. #Seriously.

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