Traditional Medias VS Social Media

How Social Media Making Traditional Media Extinct?

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007_770x433_b.jpg How Social Media Making Traditional Media Extinct?

Yes! They are, they are the “Dark clouds” looming around the traditional medias , will soon make the traditional media the HISTORY for sure! , With having billions of people switching to social medias

The giants like Facebook, Youtube,Twitter,Instagram and there are many more which even I don’t even know and expecting many more to come.


Who doesn’t know about facebook almost every one has used facebook once in a life time , sorry! there are people who still use and make this an integral parts of their life just ask them what do they do, there will innumerous of answers  you would be hearing but the strange thing is folks have got have various perspectives using this platform some use this as  for business, some for fun, etc.

Do you know that there are 2 Billion of users each month just imagine it!

Slide316-500x282 How Social Media Making Traditional Media Extinct?
Facebook Users stats for 2017

But some youths are using  to leverage this platform for making money, which is good thing but the dark side is that there are some who are misusing in many ways which i can’t convey here I’m sure they might have understood if they are reading this. Facebook has got it’s own versatile features.If  this platform is not used in right way , it may lead to some undesirable consequences and i don’t know who are they who don’t use this platform for any purpose .

I think this platform has more priority in my list to make traditional medias leave them in DUST.


Yeahh!! this is the Second most used social media platform with over 1 billion users.

indonesia-digital-landscape-2013-31-638 How Social Media Making Traditional Media Extinct?
Stats Of Youtube Users From WorldWide

Youtube it is fastest growing social media after facebook as the name indicates it is for your’s tube.

Youtube has become the integral part of the Everybody’s life from a teenager to senior citizen ,you must be knowing as a video streaming platform but you would be in Jolt it is not just where you can watch videos but a lot of things one can achieve on youtube ,Where u can make your own channel in it start making videos and upload it , in return you can make some lucrative money if you are fortunate enough you can make enormous money out of this platform, as I see lots of youth and folks and making enormous money from this media, But I have strong premonition that this platform is gone make Television box extinct and really prove it as a IDIOT box.

Do you know that there is a certification for becoming creator as a youtube certified member.

Do you know that youtube has been blocked in some countries , i apparently feel pity for them. There might be very few people who have never used youtube i think it is next emerging social media platform . Youtube also Organizes Fanfest for the creators to make live exposure to their’s audience which takes place every year .

It will be revolution if youtube eradicates  IDIOT box.


Twitter is the next generation’s social networking site i think it is already booming  and it is 3rd  most used network i think it is already the 3rd most used social networking site after youtube Almost all use twitter to follow big personalities and prospects for big corporations purposes. Twitter has almost generated their’s audience very rapidly, as it is a very dynamic and user friendly platform for every age group, where with use of #HASHTAG you can reach to yours audience is way more faster way.But virtual world is unpredictable with lots of complexity,hence anything can happen in future.

Do you know that social media has been introduced in academics,  some universities and schools have introduced in very ethical way making sure to show them in right direction. Sharing  some stats on the twitter usage have a look at it.

image09-1 How Social Media Making Traditional Media Extinct?
Twitter Stats

Seems like this virtual world is gone be real world soon, anything can happen while the world itself is unpredictable .

Embrace this virtual world but in a positive virtue.

Share your views on it , I hope you found this information genuine to my wisdom and belief,  if  any queries please don’t hesitate to post your comments below .

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