Top Hard Unknown facts one should know about Social Media (Linkedin)

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“Top Hard Unknown Facts One Should Know About LINKEDIN

As , the folks around me are so obsessed with social media they almost consider it as member of their’s family where they can’t even stay way from it for a while  , and according to some people are addicted to social media in a very wrong way and  misusing  it, by lots of folk around the world and some being very naive, get lured and are strangled in such ploys .

Some  youths consider social media as just a way to communicate and with all irrelevant folks  in this virtual world with  all having wrong intentions for all of them mine’s recommendation are to explore more why really social media are really used where  some people use social media platforms for various reasons like for enhancing their’s business, for leveraging social media for brand awareness and lots more which  you have no idea in this savvy Virtual world!!

What is LINKEDIN? Linked is a professional networking site where big professionals  connect for business connections and for experienced job seeker , yes! I said experienced with heavy professional experience where LinkedIn is a platform to connect business people focussed on business.

I found a image on “Quora” which i found very OFFENSIVE !!

Is-resume-dead Top Hard Unknown facts one should know about Social Media (Linkedin)

                                  “Do you  really THINK Resume is really DEAD”  !!

You’ve got to be active & in it to win it! ie be active by regularly updating your profile, seeking people out, being busy groups & recognise how to communicate on it.

Combine these simple actions & you’ll have as regular flow of prospects & happy clients speaking about you!

Below are a number of Images & stats that show what works on LinkedIn -admittedly much of the research is from LinkedIn itself but I concur with their findings – I’ve been using social media & LinkedIn for 8 + years, have 30,000 first level connections & 20,000+ promotions

Is LINKEDIN For Students?

  Definitely, NO!! If they are in linked means they are just shooting their’s arrows in the AIR where there is not target. As  one being a student , he/she should complete there degree or education first grow their’s career by acquiring a suitable job and after attaining viable  experience one can open a account in linkedin ,as of LINKEDIN IS not verifying ones identity while opening an account , but some miscreants  are misusing this platform to leverage one intention in a  MALEVOLENT virtues. Some lads just open their’s account in this platform to connect with females as they just can’t do it in other platform as females considering it as GENUINE connection they accept it . At first this looked pretty “ironic” to me but later i came to know about this thing. 

It’s quite CONTRADICTING some folks just expect  LINKEDIN to offer them jobs without having prior experience in their’s domain , then I would suggest them “ there is no gain without pain”.

Social media are not what they look like , As you might have heard about linkedin how some people are misusing it to leverage one’s personal intentions  as I don’t to write anymore about how this platform is being used in social benefits  as it happened is india have a look at this image where in india one startup used some professionals to make it a matrimonial organizers!! Just have look at this startup from india leveraging LINKEDIN for it’s BUSINESS ( Absolutely “NAILED” IT!!) And i think linkedin will beat down and other matrimonial sites !! Really it’s very “ironic”.Readmore to learn more about it

 LINKEDIN-MAtrimony Top Hard Unknown facts one should know about Social Media (Linkedin)

 It’s just ‘ironic’ that people spend more time on  these SOCIAL medias being an professional and end out to be in Delusion with some imposters and expecting a real connection instead get strangled with in virtual  STRANGERS. Do you know that there is a saying “Don’t talk to a stranger” the same applies in the “virtual” world too!!

Share yours views on it and share it yours near ones if you found it valuable !!

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