Top Skills One Can Pursue After Higher secondary School

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Hello everyone! As you must be knowing that  after completion of higher secondary school you are not  skilled enough with personality of an undergraduate  .Hence, you must  discover some unconventional skill sets.Because, as being indians we face lack of many communication problems, as you might be knowing how some people have difficulty in english speaking in public or having conversation ,they might be good in writing, grammar,vocabulary.I know that we are not native english speakers, but in many MNC’s jobs they judge a candidate from english speaking skill.

From my point of view english speaking is one of the great skills one can achieve after high school. Because, as far i know there are some graduates, who can’t speak english after completing their graduation, yes this is the crisis  we are facing right now.

Therefore i’am sharing some top skills one can achieve after completing their higher secondary school .

Career-Opporunities-After-10-plus-2 Top Skills One Can Pursue After Higher secondary School

There three skills which are as follows:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Content writing
  3. Communication and personality development

Digital marketing :-

Digital Marketing :-You must be aware of word “Marketing” the same thing we are implementing in unconventional way that is through “Internet” exactly it is  marketing where it is done through internet via laptop, Desktop, mobile, tablet and other digital devices .It is different than traditional marketing where the marketing were done through newspapers , television advertisements, hoardings, flyers, radio etc . Read More.

why there is rising Demand for digital marketing ?

Do you want to know some top ways to make money from internet or online know more.

Top digital marketing courses available

2)Content Writing:

what is exactly is content writing? content writing is a skill where you write about you thoughts and ideas which you are having expertise and passionate about some things which fascinates you more and lets you define  your ideas and thoughts .To ,increase your skill in content writing you got to read some article , novels, magazines or top blogs .

Want to know how to get start with content writing or blog click here.

3)Communication and personality development

As you might be knowing how majority of indians lack communication and personality problems. Because  of that we are losing more number opportunities in corporate world and not achieve to our required goal as being eligible for jobs.

For developing these skills you can join some personality development institutes , you can watch english channels, decent english movies, read novels, start conversation in english rather than regional languages ,with your friends, colleagues, family.

Do you  know that in the year 60% if engineering graduates are unemployed in the year 0f 2017. Very shocking!!!Right. According to a survey by times of india.

Yes it is true!!

Hence, I strongly recommend you to Upgrade all the above skills for you best shape of your future . Because these engineer graduates are unemployed not because they are not eligible because there is huge supply of engineers and there are no lack of jobs, there is huge competition. so don’t be confused about you career , discover what you are good at and pursue that goal.

Thats it pals,  All the best for your careers and near future.

I hope, you all liked this article , share it with your near one’s whoever needs this.

If in case, any queries and doubts please feel free to  drop comment below at anytime. For, super quick reply you can email me  at

Thank you!  All the best for your near budding future .


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